Whilst browsing the Tesco home store in the UK, I found myself amongst the panty aisle (surprise, surprise!!!). I was even more pleasantly greeted by a row of satin panties! Low cut, shiny and in shocking pink as well as silver, they were a bargain at just £3 each and 3 for 2!! Yes, the satin isn’t of the best quality and won’t last for years of wearing, but they certainly shine well and are quite generous on the size, meaning that there aren’t digging in lines. I bought a size medium,but  small would probably have fit a little more snugly.

Sweater & Satin features the hot pink pair I bought and I’m delighted with them. I also scooped a bargain in the sale which I’ll feature soon – a wonderful and unusual short slip with lace trim in midnight blue at £3.50!!!!

They do have a great sale on at the moment, but not with a lot of satin, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you may be pleasantly surprised, like I was.


I’m sure many people overlook the possibility that Matalan offers nice satin blouses….well, they do! They’ve gots loads on offer at the moment and I’ve just purchased a few myself and you’ll see them over the coming months.

Great prices, nice and shiny and some beautiful colours – what more can you ask for?

Secrets in Lace

You might have noticed a sudden influx of deliciously silky stockings I’ve worn in recent sets on Vanaweb.com, including Secret Stockings, Ivory Diamond, Pink Frills, Pink Addiciton. These have been purchased from Secrets in Lace which I have found to be a gem of lingerie luxury on the internet. The two pairs I’ve featured are the Celine RHT Grey (Reinforced Heel and Toe) and Classic RHT Pink. I’m dying to buy more from there as they’re so shiny and traditional. On my wish list is the satin Kristen Slip as it looks so elegant.

I highly recommend these stockings – you will not regret the purchase.

Silk Stockings

Shirley of Hollywood

Many of you have commented on the lovely long gown featured in Silk Leaf and have asked where I bought it so you can buy it for your wife or yourself.

Well…the truth is that I didn’t buy it…it was a lovely gift from a member :) I can tell you that it is a Shirley of Hollywood garment and is truly elegent and sophisitcated. It was a pleasure to receive this gown and to wear it. Not only is it satin, but it has a really sexy chiffon lower part which allows you to have a glimpse at the leg outline underneath (and maybe more!!)

Shirley of Hollywood is a manufacturer who sell their lingerie garments via many an online retailer throughout the globe.  Though I’ve not purchased directly from them, a nice website to view and purchase the items is Lingerie Express based in the UK. This website has a huge amount to choose from and you could spend hours looking and thousands going satin mad!!!

To find a Shirley of Hollywood Supplier close to you, all you have to do is Google it!!

New Look

I’ve had many a query lately on where I’ve been buying the low cut ruffly satin panties like the ones in Strapped Satin. So, I thought I’d post on here on where got them.

I got them from New Look.  Once over, it didn’t seem to have much satin in stock, but at the moment it has loads of satin panties which are sooo cute.

The good news is they’re only 5 for £10 or £4 each – bargain! (though not sure if that offer is available online as I bought mine in store) And there’s plenty of colours to choose from.

The bad news…I don’t think they sell to international buyers :’(

New Look also have a really nice range from Kelly Brook and whilst the bras specialise in bigger cup sizes, the panties are still to be had. I bought a couple of pairs, one of which is featured in Gold Blouson.

My message here is “Get yourself down to New Look and buy some for your lady or yourself!

Happy shopping!


E-Lady Lingerie

E-Lady Lingerie is a new and exciting competitor in the lingerie selling business.

I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised to hear that this company is very new to the industry and is run as a small family business.

Have a browse around and it won’t be long before you realise that the garments on sale on this online store offer quite a different selection than many other lingerie stores. This is because the garments are sourced from top Polish brands Obessive, Miran, Gatta, Konrad etc.

I went onto the webpage and was engaged in it for quite some time! I particularly like this long luscious robe – and not a bad price to go with it!

What’s more, is that there is free standard delivery included with each order (2nd Class within the UK) .

Go on – give it a go and support the smaller businesses where you will get a more personal service.

Satin Teddy & Robe  Satin Camisole Set & Chemise

Be Cheeky.com

BeCheeky.com is a fab website!

I say that because not only is it cheeky, but also a great place to purchase silk lingerie. There is a specific section for silk lingerie and whilst it is not the cheapest, it is of decent quality and offers garments of a more distinctive nature.

One particular item that catches my eye is this cute ruffly chemise . It is such a different colour and is soooo cute. The website allows a closely zoomed in detail square of the outfit.

I’m also secretly hoping that I’ve been good enough this year to be presented this set (or this one) from Santa. Do you think I’ve behaved myself sufficiently to deserve it?

Any item from this website is certainly worthy as a luxury gift to your partner and I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with getting one of these all wrapped up in ribbons and bows :)

Satin Bra and Panty

Featured Site: Yandy.com

Yandy.com is a US based online store which hosts a wide array of sexy lingerie, costumes and fetishwear. In particular, I wanted to draw your attention to the section with 100% silk garments.

A while back, I featured one of the silk chemises in a photoset called Heart Warmer . Let me refresh your memory…it was a playful pink silk chemise with cartoon style hearts and ‘love’ on it (see below for an image).

Yandy.com kindly sent me a sample to model on my website and it proved a popular member set. It is currently in the sale at the moment, so now’s the time to grab yourself a bargain!

 Silk Chemise

Featured Site: Asos

Asos is a great online store packed with wonderful silky satiny garments. It sells everything from lingerie to clothing and at a great price. You may remember earlier this year, the Asos warehouse suffered a massive fire, but this hasn’t seemed to stop them getting all that satin and silk back in stock. Everytime I go onto the website, I want it all! My favourite at the moment are the Karen Millen French knickers & bra which is what I’m hoping Santa will bring me (do you think I’ve been good enough this year??). They also have a great collection of satin panties by Playful Promises with the astrology signs on them. Although I’m not a believer in astrology, you can’t deny that they’re pretty damn cute little silky garments for your bum! Male or female, you just have to get some. 12 different colours to choose from. You can see them at this link or do a search on the site for your star sign. If you do a search for satin, you’ll be inundated with desire for all those silky items and I’m sure your credit card will take a battering! Check all of these pretty little things out at asos.com

Additional note: The Playful Promises Panties have a sheer, fine fabric at the front, so are not satin throughout.


Purple French Knickers

Playful Promises Sar Sign Panties

Playful Promises Star Sign panties

Featured Site: YesStyle.com

YesStyle.com is an online store based in Asia. It seems a satin lover’s wish come true!
Riggs showed me the website and I wanted the lot of it!!! I’ve just made a few purchases that I couldn’t resist.
Do a search for ‘satin blouses’ and check it out.
And have you seen the lingerie (Innerwear) section? Wow – loads of satin. I’m really in my element here and the price is excellent. I could spend all day on this website – I was so excited about it, I just had to share it with you guys – well…it would be rude not to :P
As a little teaser, I’ve added some images below of what I’ve bought to get your tastebuds tingling.

Panties & Camisoles
Panties & CamisolesThe only thing I’d remind you when ordering is to be aware of is that these clothes are made in Asia, which means that the garments are generally smaller – on the measuring chart, I come in on a medium for some items and small in others (in the UK or US, it would usually be XS or S).
I’d love to hear from those who have bought something from here – tell me what you bought, who for and how delighted you were with your purchase. Email me – vana@vanaweb.com