Whilst browsing the Tesco home store in the UK, I found myself amongst the panty aisle (surprise, surprise!!!). I was even more pleasantly greeted by a row of satin panties! Low cut, shiny and in shocking pink as well as silver, they were a bargain at just £3 each and 3 for 2!! Yes, the satin isn’t of the best quality and won’t last for years of wearing, but they certainly shine well and are quite generous on the size, meaning that there aren’t digging in lines. I bought a size medium,but  small would probably have fit a little more snugly.

Sweater & Satin features the hot pink pair I bought and I’m delighted with them. I also scooped a bargain in the sale which I’ll feature soon – a wonderful and unusual short slip with lace trim in midnight blue at £3.50!!!!

They do have a great sale on at the moment, but not with a lot of satin, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you may be pleasantly surprised, like I was.


I’m sure many people overlook the possibility that Matalan offers nice satin blouses….well, they do! They’ve gots loads on offer at the moment and I’ve just purchased a few myself and you’ll see them over the coming months.

Great prices, nice and shiny and some beautiful colours – what more can you ask for?